Monday, March 7, 2016

The relative tour

Alice, Tennant Creek, Mount Isa, Longreach, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Gold Coast, PMQ, Canberra, Numurkah, Melbourne.

5000km driving to see family and friends.

The weather was hot, bloody hot but at least in the Pajero we have air-conditioning and don't have to cycle up any of the hills.

We found it fascinating that people could live in most of the places we passed through - no place compares to Paradise Springs. They were either small enough to have a "community feel" but lacked facilities or had the facilities and lacked any community. do people put up with it? A bad day in Alice Springs it takes 8 minutes to ride into work...We spent 8 minutes at traffic lights each trip in any of the cities!

Highlights included:

  • Rockhampton - pineapple with every meal!
  • Brisbane - family catchup
  • Gold Coast - Paddle boarding and body boarding. Swimming lessons for a 4month old nephew.
  • PMQ - 'family' stay in typical Alice Springs adopted family fashion. A bonus was a guide trip up inside the Byron Bay would be great there except the flamin' hippies and the crowds.
  • Canberra - buying a canoe (pic below), cycling the lake, 15th floor apartment views and Tim picking on a 2yr old with the garden hose in the face trick.
  • Back-o-Gundagai canoeing on the Murrumbidgee (Bertha the Tub proved a bargain!)
  • Numurkah - 5 star food 0.5star accommodation (Cant wait to bulldozer the tiny 1970s house!)
  • Melbourne - FOOD - Slow cooked lamb, YumCha, Lygon Street
We fly out tonight - Destination Frankfurt!

5hrs to break down bikes and fit them in the cardboard boxes and then pad and strap them in.
15kg = Bike Weight PLUS
Luggage = 15kg each + extras (hand luggage) and water/food
They are going to be heavy to pedal uphill!

Have fun this year and remember "Every day is a Sunday"... for some anyway :)

E & T

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