Saturday, March 19, 2016

Kungsleden Trail – Kiruna – Northern Sweden – Dogsledding and 5 nights camping in the snow!

The tour started off well with temperatures well below zero.  Minus 10-15 deg C and a sunny clear day was promising for good weather all week and a potential Northern Lights sighting.  Despite no instruction on sled-control, we eventually became very in-tune with our dogs’ personalities and how to control the teams and the sleds.  This was just as well as the weather conditions progressively worsened and the sledding became much more technical throughout the week.

Fortunately we all made the crossing of the highest point without too much mishap or sled-tipping.  We still had powdery, soft snow which meant soft landings for the descent had we fallen but more difficult to get through for the dogs on the uphill – we did a lot of helping!

The weather then got progressively worse (higher temps = over zero! + cloud, wind and even rain).  This removed a lot of snow that was covering rocky terrain which seemed to greatly improve our sled-manoeuvring skills.

By the last night out the wind had picked up so much that we stayed in a cabin rather than tents.  This decision was also supported by the efforts of the ‘French Swimming Team’ (they fell through the ice while collecting the nights’ water supply).  We were ready for the final day of sledding through slushy melted ice, river crossings and melting lakes...

We arrived with very cold, wet feet but also very happy that we had made it with all fingers/toes accounted for.

Caged dog = One to piss off animal right activists :) In reality it is transport home for a very happy doggy!

Luckily the sky was clear enough one night for a spectacular display of the N. Lights.


  1. Far out what an adventure and it's only the beginning!!! Keep posting I'm loving living vicariously through you guys :-D

  2. Hey guys,great to hear you saw the northern lights!! Amazing, T&A